The Group

"HR4K is a community of operators, gunslingers, rogues and adventurers, who are proud of where we come from and excited about where we are going. We are brand leaders and lifestyle facilitators for an amazing collection of veteran and lifestyle products pushing the art of the possible and driving the limits of impossible."

HR4K Ltd is a veteran owned company, established in Hereford 2016 Our mission was to create a business based on the same morals and ethos as we stood for during our service.

We began as a lifestyle retail company, importing US veteran owned brands and exporting UK veteran owned brands, this has quickly grown into so much more. Since operating we have found HR4K appeals wider than just the military community, we have been able to advance into a position where we can support and help local businesses, charities and council driven initiative schemes. HR4K, along with members of Hereford Council and The SAS Regimental Association have now created a non profit organisation called the VRC (Veteran Rehabilitation Centre) inside HR4Ks Hereford premises and will hopefully soon be a charity lead venture.

The positive, friendly and familiar environment that we have created at HR4K has brought people and communities together. We believe HR4K has helped to rebuild lives in a positive way and its that which has encouraged us to do more elsewhere.


CrossFit HR4K is a gym and leisure facility providing a wide range of licensed fitness classes, group training programs and healthy lifestyle support schemes to the town of Amesbury and its surrounding areas. We are building a brand-new purpose built space where people can come workout, socialise and relax in a positive and unique environment. We will provide a large gym area with state of the art equipment, running professionally lead fitness classes to suit all abilities, backgrounds and age groups.

We will be providing qualified youth fitness classes as well as catering for the older generations offering them a range of mobility and functional fitness classes supporting everyone's needs in the community.

Additionally CrossFit HR4K will also have a physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation centre onsite, providing professional support, guidance and wellbeing to all members.

As well as the gym there will also be a coffee shop offering a healthy range of beverages and snacks so people can sit, relax and socialise after their training sessions. This is important to help grow the community and encouraging social interaction.

The Community

Community is extremely important to us within the HR4K group so we will be making it our priority to reach out to the local populace and provide standalone service and support, bringing people together through physical fitness and social interaction.

With a large and growing military presence around Amesbury we feel that our location will also be a perfect environment for servicing personnel and their families to escape the garrison and interact with the community.



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